Taleem Ghar Welfare School: A Beacon of Hope

At Taleem Ghar Welfare School, we believe every child deserves the right to education, regardless of their socio-economic status. Established with the mission to uplift children who have been marginalized by poverty and hardship, our school offers a sanctuary for those who have been reduced to begging on the streets.

Empowering Through Education

We provide a comprehensive educational program that covers essential academics, skill development, and personal growth activities, all delivered in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our aim is not just to educate but to empower our students to build better futures for themselves and their families.

Support a Child’s Journey

It costs only PKR 2000 per month to sponsor a child at Taleem Ghar. This contribution covers the complete educational expenses of one student, ensuring they receive high-quality education, school supplies, and a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty. By sponsoring a child, you’re not just giving them access to education; you’re giving them the key to a brighter, more secure future.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite you to join us in this noble cause. Your support can light up the lives of countless children, providing them with the opportunities they need to succeed. Together, we can transform lives and build a community where every child can reach their full potential.


Joining Hands To Help The World’s

Some Outstanding Activities